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I’d like to write these posts quite often – especially with comments disabled.  A chance to highlight interesting responses or just interesting coffee writing on the web.

Direct Trade Sucks

Steve Leighton of HasBean writes a frank, honest and important post about his experiences with trying to change his sourcing model to be more direct.  I hope this one generates a lot of discussion, because up until now our industry has broadcast one message that “Direct Trade” is the only acceptable method of sourcing.  Nothing is ever as simple as that….  Read this post!

Re-envisioning the Retail Experience

Colin Harmon responds to my SCAA talk.  It is a great read, once again a great piece of honest writing about being in business.

Water and Taste

I can’t really claim that Colin Harmon (again! this man is on fire!) is responding to my water post – I think he was thinking independently on the same subject.  Whether you saw his great WBC performance in 2010 or not – this is another great post about one of the main ingredients we serve but pay little attention to…

Broken Windows Theory & Coffee

Responding to a twitter discussion after the water post, Drew Moody wrote a great piece on what we should be worrying about, whether we should beat dead horses and how broken windows theory applies to what we do every day.

Hopefully I catch most things on coffee, and related discussions but feel free to harass me on twitter if I missed something.

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