A very quick thought on coffee in Australia

I’ve been wanting to go to Australia for a long time, for coffee drinking purposes that is. In the UK there has been an undeniable and positive impact on our coffee scene from those travelling over.

Inevitably I went into this with expectations – these we’re derived from talking to people who’ve visited, lived and worked there in the past and those who continue to do so.  I honestly wasn’t there long enough to get any real insight – hence a short post on my experience there.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not because every cup of coffee was somehow flawless (it wasn’t, because no country, city or even cafe in the world is capable of that yet).  When people pick on the Australian coffee scene it all tends to boil down to one idea/word for me: satisfaction. The feeling of having achieved great coffee and not really being interested in improving or evolving it. (One could argue that Italy has long suffered a similar plight.)

What pleased me, inspired me, on this trip was the number of people who were dissatisfied. Their frustration with everything from raw coffee, to roasting methods, to equipment, to service; this will drive things forward and potentially do so at quite a pace. This is awesome.  While this dissatisfaction is necessarily hugely widespread, I have high expectations of seeing things being pushed forward by a small group of passionate people.