A quick thought on cafes in Korea

I hadn’t meant to write these little summaries of single ideas generated by complex coffee cultures. I don’t think they are a good habit, but I am going persist regardless…

This is by no means the sum of my experiences, but it was one particular aspect that stood out in contrast to London: cafe design.

It wasn’t that cafes in Seoul were spectacularly different to those in London – it was more the depth of detail that stood out. These were carefully considered and curated spaces. Even if some design had a clear path traced back to someone else’s cafe, it was interesting that it was clearly considered a vital part of creating a coffee shop. I can’t remember the last time I felt so touristy as I constantly photographed the little things that stood out. It felt like rich detail and design was important in a way I hadn’t encountered before.

For great photos and write ups of cafes in Korea (and the rest of the world) then I’d strongly recommend checking out Aaron Frey’s site frshgrnd.com

I’d love to see some feedback from consumers on this, on how important it is to them and how much it influences their decision to frequent one place over another…

There are so many other things I should probably write about my brief glimpse into the explosive growth in coffee in Seoul, but I’d rather wait til I’ve had the chance to go back there again because it is fascinating and difficult to simplify.