Writing responses

From time to time I’ve suggested to people that instead of commenting, that they instead start a blog and post a proper response that is entirely their own.  The hypocrisy of this is the staggering lack of responses to other people’s posts that I have written on here.

This is something I’d like to change.  I value long form discussion, and I think it is beneficial.  I want to make a few things clear before I start posting these responses.

Firstly – discussing something doesn’t require that I will simply take a polar opposite stance on the subject.  This would be ridiculous.  This is discussion, not base argument.

Secondly – discussing and responding to a post is not a personal attack on the author, and should not be taken this way.  I just want to talk about what you’re talking about.  If I disagree then this is no bad thing.  Homogeny is killing our industry, be it of experience or thought.

There are blog posts being published that I think are worthy of discussion, and I think it is a shame that we often skip past them because we value quick, shallow discussion over something a little more in depth.