Beautiful Cafes Poll Results

Beautiful Cafes Poll Results

I’ve had the poll running for a while now, and several hundred of you took the time to respond.  My thanks!

However, some people clearly thought this was a competition to be won, and clearly tried to game the poll.  For this reason it is pretty much impossible to do any sort of ranking. a  Plus that would be silly, by its very nature. I’m not really sure how I feel about the results I had.  Interestingly, though not surprisingly, they were very much skewed in favour of cafes that happen to serve good coffee. I had hoped more people would look past the terrible coffee served to identify interesting design, or important design, and nominate that.  However, the readership of this blog unsurprisingly frequent cafes that work hard on their coffee program – hence the results looking the way they do.

So instead I offer up a list of several cafes that had repeated mentions.  The list is alphabetical, and ultimately meaningless.

49th Parallel, Vancouver, CANADA
Barista Parlor, Nashville, USA
Caffe Streets, Chicago, USA
Coava, Portland, USA
Coffee Collective Roastery, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Four Barrel, San Francisco, USA
Handsome Coffee, Los Angeles, USA
Heart Roasters, Portland, USA
Intelligentsia Venice, Los Angeles, USA
Market Lane, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Ozone Coffee, London, UK
Patricia, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Prufrock Coffee, London, UK
Revolver, Vancouver, CANADA
Seven Seeds, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Sightglass, San Francisco, USA
Tail0r Made, Athens, GREECE
Workshop Coffee, London, UK

I am surprised less by the cafes that are on the list, more by the ones missing. Also, looking at the distribution across the different countries – this very much reflects the distribution of readership of this site around the world. I’m not going to post up my own picks, but I should confess that none of them made this list. b

  1. Seriously, I am disappoint…  (back)
  2. I did consider adding a google images search link to each cafe, but I figure if you’re interested then you’ll probably work it out yourself.  (back)