Video: Starbucks’ Leadership Lab

Video: Starbucks’ Leadership Lab

I’d read a couple of things about Starbucks’ Leadership Lab – including the bill for it all clocking in at $35 million.  I don’t really know how that gets broken down, because I can’t imagine the staging of it all cost this much.

Regardless of what I think about the coffee served in Starbucks – I would still have enjoyed visiting this thing. Have a look at the video:

I have no doubt it would have inspired me as a manager/partner at the company. I can’t help but wonder what the effects would be if you put on a near identical, less brand focused, event for the public. Less about selling brands and products, and more about finding interactive ways to get people to engage with coffee.

The SCAA certainly could pull something like this off – though I don’t know if the return on investment/monetary cost currently makes it viable.

There is a little more about the Leadership Lab here. Interesting to also note the implied turnover of an average Starbucks store being in excess of $1m. Again, say what you will about their cups of coffee – they’re still winning on the other metrics in comparison to most independents.

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