Reader Survey Results

Reader Survey Results

Thanks to more than 500 people who took the time to respond to the little survey I put up, the results were pretty interesting (and certainly helpful for me).

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first, the raw data:

I don’t think I’m particularly surprised that two thirds of the readership here are the coffee industry (present or former), though they might just make up the regular readers who were interested enough to comment. I suspect a fair amount of traffic is casual, information hunting, non-coffee people. (Or so my search term analytics suggest)

Content that interest you?

This surprised me a little. I thought there was more interest in green coffee and roasting, but it may be that those comments are just a little louder. I am reassured at the number of people whose interest line up pretty closely with mine!

The data on how you keep track of new posts isn’t too surprising. Twitter topped the poll, followed by visiting the homepage and then lowly RSS in third. (The other two options had barely any responses which was interesting.)

General Feedback

Then we get to the general feedback that many people left…

Some of you wrote things that were incredibly kind, and I thank you so much. I’d buckled down for the worst, as the internet + anonymity of comments generally doesn’t go too well. I was stunned by the lovely things people wrote, and again – sincerely thank you.

“Post more!”

I confess the frequency can be somewhat erratic. I have a large writing project underway that soaks up a lot of my spare time and, when combined with the amount of time spent writing emails etc at work, I often just don’t want to sit in front of a computer to hammer away at the keyboard. (I will post up some details of the project if I get it to the point where it looks like I might actually finish, but not until then.)

Writing does help organise my mind and generate new thoughts so it is likely down to discipline, and making the time. There are half a dozen ideas half written posts in my head, and half a dozen more languishing awkwardly in the drafts folder on here .  tldr; I will try!

“Bring back comments!”

I’m sorry, but this isn’t likely to change any time soon. I enjoy the blog more without them (the experience of running it anyway). I do have a long overdue post on the subject of discussion within coffee on the internet. For a while some of the old ones went missing, but they should all be back showing now.

“Didn’t you eliminate comments? It seems odd that now you want to hear from any of us.”

I didn’t remove comments because I wasn’t interested in what people had to say. I simply didn’t want to host other people’s opinions on my personal website. Feedback via email or twitter is always welcome (though I have been a bit behind on the email side recently – sorry!).

“Bring back the podcast!/Bring back the videocast!”

I have a shameful confession. I have two podcasts recorded that I have failed to properly edit and release. (Though the primary apology should go to the people who spent the time talking to me.) I will try and edit and release one of them in the next month or so.

I miss doing videos, and should I find myself with a little time to do this stuff soon then they’re pretty high up on the list. They are monstrously time consuming things to film and edit though.

“Too pessimistic!”

This was a single comment, but it did stick out. It may well be right. I worry I’ve entered into a sort of cynicism and lost my bright-eyed wonderment and feeling of endless possibilities. On the other hand I may just have come to a point with realistic goals that I may actually achieve. I don’t think the outlook for much of our industry is too good, but action would be better than just having a moan about it.

As a wrap up – I will say thank you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for taking the time to fill in the survey. Thanks for sharing with me, I’m genuinely grateful.