Book Review – Espresso Extraction: Measurement and Mastery

Book Review – Espresso Extraction: Measurement and Mastery

I don’t review many books on here, not only because staggeringly few are released on coffee. This isn’t really a super in depth review, not because it doesn’t merit one, but more because I don’t think I’ve ever found myself more in agreement with the content of a book on coffee.

Scott Rao’s previous books should be considered essential, though I should remind people that ownership does not result in knowledge transfer – you actually have to read the damn things. (I know that sounds cynical, but I’ve had way too many conversations that reinforce this particular belief.)

His new book is currently available only as an e-book from amazon here. a

While relatively short, it covers espresso extraction, grinders, roast development, refractometry, pressure profiling and more. I think it is worth reading, and I think that if you want to excel as a barista then (in an ideal world) knowing this content inside and out should required. (Note: It does not cover roast development from a “how to” perspective for a roaster.)

In short – the information is worth the ticket price, and I like the ebook format, and I very much like the content. I hope cafe owners use the ebook format to get it into the hands of more staff around the world.

Photography is done by a very good friend of mine, Liz Clayton, whose book I am going to presume you all own…

Disclosure: Scott sent me the book for free. The above link is not an amazon affiliate link, and I do not profit in any way from its sale.

  1. A kindle isn’t really required, I read the book the first couple of times with the Kindle app on my desktop computer  (back)