Learning Project: An update and the next topic

Learning Project: An update and the next topic

Today I closed submissions to the January topic and I’ve updated the blog post to show a full list of further reading links you lovely people submitted. Some people’s submitted links didn’t work, and I haven’t had the time to work out what they meant to submit.

The voters have also chosen the next topic. In the next couple of weeks I will write and post:

An introduction to coffee roasting

This is going to be tricky, and I know that when I call for links to further reading that there isn’t a lot of stuff online. However, there is more than you think…

I just want to make clear that what I will write will be designed as an introduction. It won’t be too superficial (I hope) but I will be leaving out some of the fuzzy stuff that is full of half baked opinions, pseudo science and conjecture. It’s actually quite an intimidating topic to write an introduction for…

There’s some great reading to be had back in the acidity post – so I hope people enjoy getting stuck in!