Introducing Coffee Jobs Board

Introducing Coffee Jobs Board

About 5 years ago I set up a website for coffee jobs in London. Today I’m launching both a redesign of that, as well as a global jobs board hub. If you want to skip the explanations and ideas behind then feel free to explore the site here:



I originally created a site because I’d get a lot of emails from baristas looking for work, and lots of emails from shops looking for staff. I felt like my inbox probably wasn’t the best place to connect people. So I built a simple site, and left it be. It covered its costs, and slowly grew.

People seemed very happy with it, the biggest complaint being people outside of London who wanted something similar. A while ago I decided to start saving up to do something bigger and this is the result.

How the site works

I wanted to build a site full of little hubs, so people could see jobs relevant to them and not worry about what was happening elsewhere (the way craigslist works was a source of inspiration). For each country or city there is a board that you can bookmark, a twitter account you can follow and an email sign up for alerts. I didn’t want to build lots of individual sites, but if there is just one then there’s the problem of when you’re looking for a job in Paris, but a job in Portland isn’t really of interest. You can apply for jobs through the site, and look at employer’s profiles to find out more about them.

I’ve tried to make sure as much of the site as possible has been translated into other languages, though there are some technical constraints I don’t have the budget to overcome –  I hope to improve it in the future.

Advertising jobs

There are three different jobs categories available: city-wide, country-wide and worldwide. For the rest of the month city and country jobs will be free to post. (I don’t want to make worldwide free in case people abuse it and boards get littered with jobs from other countries). In the future the pricing will be:

City – £10. This will appear in that city board, and also the country board. (i.e. London and the UK)

Country – £15. This will appear in the country board, and every city board in that country too.

Worldwide – £100. This will appear in every single job board. It is priced high to discourage use, because I think very few companies need to advertise worldwide.

I wanted to keep it pretty accessibly priced to post – the people part of coffee is hard enough.

London Coffee Jobs

Hopefully most of the existing site has migrated across – including logins etc, so if you’ve posted there in the past you should have an existing account on the new site. If you don’t then I’d recommend signing up again, as it would be great if employers could add a little more detail to their profiles. If there are issues then drop a line to the support email.

Unfortunately if you posted a job in the last couple of days it won’t be allocated to your login, and any changes will have to be done manually by me – just drop a line to support.

Where’s my city/country?!

It wasn’t possible to launch with every part of the world covered, but I am open to requests. If there is sufficient demand then I can create a new board for people to use. Please bear with me if translation is required. You can request a board by emailing

Help me spread the word?

It would be great if people shared the site with friends who may be looking for work, or with business who may be looking for staff. I hope it becomes a useful and valuable hub for people in coffee. Again – it is free to use to post jobs on for the rest of the month.

And if you’ve made it all the way here and haven’t had a look yet – please check it out!