Introducing Longberry Magazine

Introducing Longberry Magazine

Today I’m proud to announce that a project ,that has been in the works for some times, has come to fruition – Longberry Magazine.

A small group (myself, Ben Szobody and Jacob Forrest) felt that coffee was fascinating, but that most publications were more focused on the trade side of things rather than trying to tell the stories we have to the interested members of the coffee drinking public.

We decided we’d try our hand at creating a magazine and I’m excited to say that we’re now taking pre-orders. The magazine has actually been printed but we’re splitting the distribution between the US and the UK, so right now half of the (very small) print run is on its way to the USA – having been printed here in the UK.



There were a few key ideas behind the magazine that I’d like to share:

– No advertising. We know that this is how the magazine business actually makes money, but we didn’t want that to be part of what we did. We intend to remain ad free. If it stops being financially viable then we will stop printing magazines.

– We will pay authors. We will pay authors a share of the revenue from each edition (physical or digital) sold. The initial print run is very small, so we hope people will also embrace the digital editions.

– We want to tell stories you haven’t heard. We hope to find authors new to much of the speciality coffee world, who aren’t writing for most magazines out there. We’re challenging ourselves to find the best stories we can, to share with an interested audience.

– It should be a beautiful thing. We’ve produced a pretty limited run of physical magazines, printed on high quality stock and they’re lovely things to own.

These two things mean that we have to charge a fair price for the magazine. We believe £7 plus shipping is a fair price and good value. The digital version is priced at £2.50 or an additional £1 if you buy the physical copy.

We hope to publish more in the future, though we aren’t going to promise to release a magazine per quarter. We’re calling it “an occasional journal of coffee”…

Where can I get it?

If you are in North America then we’d recommend buying it from the Longberry Website, as that will be distributed from the USA and the cheapest.

If you are in Europe, or the rest of the world, then we’d probably recommend buying it from the Square Mile Webshop. (Square Mile are helping with distribution – but this is not a Square Mile Coffee project).

If you’re buying just digital then please buy direct from the Longberry site.

Both websites are charging in GBP, because the company (and its bank account) are based in the UK – but you can buy it with any credit card, and Stripe’s conversion into other currencies isn’t painful.

Can I write for Longberry?

You can! You can email a pitch to Longberry at (though I would kindly request that you read the magazine and have an idea of the kind of stories we want to publish before getting in touch).