2014 in review – number edition

2014 in review – number edition

I thought it might be fun to look back at this year via a few numbers that make up different parts of my life.

Words published in the atlas: 74,803

I’d love to do copies sold, but I have no idea and don’t find out until March.a I’m still a little bit amazed that I actually wrote the thing, and I have a new found love of hashtags as people’s use of them on services like Instagram has allowed me to see the book pop up all over the place. It really does make me happy to see so many photos of it.

When I was travelling this year lots of people were asking about this, so I’m hoping to announce a number of translations and release dates in the next few months, which I’m very excited about.

Words written on the blog: 18,240

I’m sometimes surprised that I write as much as I do on here. If I hadn’t looked at the stats I would have guessed at barely half of this. I feel like I did nothing but talk about new projects on here, which isn’t really the point of this site – so less of that next year.  b

I’ve been rightly taken to task about my petulant failure with the learning project. I misjudged its failure, and as such would like to bring it back this year.

I’m also working up a few videos, seeing as the old videocasts have been lost forever. Some will readdress some old topics, some will be new things.

Flights taken: 44 / Distance flown: 69,788 miles

I fly a lot, and I have pretty mixed feelings about this. In the past I’ve done carbon footprint calculations to offset this, but even that felt pretty trivial. Doing what I do requires a lot of travel, but I can’t help but wonder at which point it will feel unsustainable to travel as much. Parts of it are enormously fun, and other parts require me reminding myself that I am at work and not necessarily supposed to be enjoying myself. Balance is important though – and working a little harder on improving that balance is important for me this year.

Countries visited: 16

I got to spend more time in Asia in 2014, and I finally got to visit China for the first time. It was fascinating, especially as you can’t help but feel that the wider coffee industry seems to believe that China is the land of opportunity. I’m waiting for coffee’s version of the California Gold Rush, though I think many people will find it to be a market entirely different from their expectations.

Applications processed via Coffee Jobs Board: 14,905

This is my favourite metric to look at when I login in to the back end of the website. I’m very proud of what this site has achieved so far. It isn’t bad for a new website, a little more than 6 months old. However, it is still well below its potential in terms of connecting people with employers and opportunities outside of the UK. I’d like to see the site flourish in 2015, so will be devoting a little more of my time and resources to it. My goal is for that number to be 50,000 by 31st of December.

Things that can’t be measured

I’m not sure at what point in my life I started planning an entire year ahead, but looking ahead I realise I’m going to be very busy. This is also the year where I intend to take a humane number of days holiday – I cannot stress how much of a mistake I consider my failure to take time off properly to be. With things like the Victoria Arduino Gravimetric launch, Re:co and more already lined up I know I’m going to be busy. Then there are a couple more little projects I’m hoping to get going this year too…

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  1. It’s second run in the UK has sold out though, which is good!  (back)
  2. About a year ago, I wrote in a blog post: “In 2014 I want to follow through on things, achieve things and feel productive.” – sometimes it is nice to look back and feel like you did what you said you would  (back)