Do you want a jimseven book?

People have often suggested it, and I’ve come and gone with this idea over the years – should I compile a book out of the best bits of this blog. I’ve been writing here for over a decade now and, while some things pain me to reread, I’m proud of a lot of the posts here.

Last year I pulled out what I considered the best bits, and was shocked to find I had around 100,000 words in those posts. They’ve been edited and formatted, and so I could – somewhat easily – convert the whole thing to an ebook in various forms. I could also turn it into a hardback, limited edition book that I would work very hard to make beautiful. (If I did this then I would do a single run, one time only.) I believe we should only kill trees to make books if the book is a beautiful thing to own.

The ebook would be cheap, an easy to digest compilation, divided by topics. The hardback would be a little more expensive (as all hardbacks are).

The question is: does anyone want it?

I don’t know the answer so I think the easiest thing to do is ask. I’d appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions below.

I’d also ask you to please share this post via Facebook and Twitter (or even Reddit) if you do want this to be a thing I make.