A Coffee Variety Family Tree Timeline Poster

This is a little project I’ve been wanting to complete for a very long time. Working on the World Atlas of Coffee gave me the additional nudge to do the work.

I’m producing a poster that I thought would be useful, interesting and hopefully a little bit of fun. It is a Coffee Variety Family Tree Timeline poster. It shows a selection of the most common varieties, and how they connect to each other as well as when they came to be.

Selling the poster direct is not something I have the resources to do, so we’re going to be making it available wholesale only. This means it ships in multiples of 10 posters, 10 being the minimum order.

To help size the print run correctly I’m asking people to express interest by filling in the form below. This isn’t a commitment to buy, just an expression of interest.

We’d expect the poster to retail for about £10-12/$15-17, and it will be A1 sized (841mm/33 inches x 594mm/23inches). Wholesale pricing is going to be at least a 50% discount, and we’re working to make sure shipping worldwide is as cheap as possible. We’ll be in touch with you with more details soon.

Here’s an image of the poster:

Variety Poster Teaser

I’m delighted (and relieved) to get this to the point of completion, and hope people really like it! If you’re interested, or your cafe/roastery/bookshop/place of business is, then do please let me know below: