Variety Posters Now Available

The Coffee Variety Timeline Family Tree posters are now available!

Variety Poster Teaser

The shop is here:

A few key things to mention:

  • These are wholesale only from me at the moment, so come in units of 10. I just don’t have the logistical ability to sell single units. If you want a single poster (and I hope you do!) then hopefully they’ll be available online and in shops very soon.
  • Orders will ship out every Thursday.
  • Because of weird British postage, if you order 20 then they will be sent as two separate tubes. It is cheaper than putting 20 in one tube. (Don’t ask…)
  • If you want 50 or more then drop an email to so we can sort out a special rate for shipping.
  • Any questions then drop us an email.

Thank you for the support and interest in this – I hope you enjoy the posters!