A new newsletter

Over the last few years I’ve struggled with defining this blog. More recently it has been a place for longer form pieces, and I’m happy writing this way here.

Where things often become difficult is that blogs have typically been about more. They’ve had announcements, or bits of news, or interesting links etc. Twitter, Facebook et al. have, in many ways, became a better avenue for sharing these sorts of things.

I thought now would be a good time to try something new. It’s an idea I’ve toyed with over the years, under a number of different guises, but now seems like a good time to try: the jimseven newsletter.

It’ll be a collection of things. Some will be about coffee, some won’t. People have often asked for an email digest for this blog – even though I don’t think I post often enough to merit one – but this will be a bit different. I should state now that if you’re looking for Barista Hustle type content, then I’d strongly recommend Barista Hustle. Matt’s doing a great job there, and I’m not really trying to compete.

While there’ll definitely be more of a business slant to it, I don’t think this will be exclusively written for business owners, not by any stretch. The premise is more that I think there’s inspiration and interest in a variety of  fields connected to, or outside of, coffee. I believe that those of us working in coffee industry are in a place where we need to be challenged and inspired.

It won’t be weekly – certainly not at the start. I get enough email, and I’m sure you do too. Instead, I’d rather wait until I have enough interesting stuff to send you to merit adding one more email to your inbox.

I hope you enjoy it and share it, or parts of it, with friends who you think would enjoy it too.

Sign Up Here. The first issue will go out later today.