A new podcast project

A new podcast project

Today is the start of a new podcast I’ve been working on. It’s called the Coffee Jobs Podcast and is a weekly show that will run for the next three months or so. Each episode is an interview with a leader in the coffee industry. The podcast is there to serve two different audiences: those working in coffee, and those running businesses, hiring and building teams.

If you’re working in coffee, and looking to progress, then we cover things like:

  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to approach applying and being interviewed
  • What they’re looking for in a CV or application
  • How to get the job you want
  • How to keep the job you love, and move forward in your career

If you’re hiring or building a team then you’ll be interested in:

  • Where they look for staff
  • How they approach trial shifts and interviews
  • Their favourite interview questions and techniques
  • Mistakes they’ve made in their careers and their businesses
  • How they approach development and retention of their teams.

While the second half may not seem obviously appealing to those wanting to progress – I think it is hugely useful to understand the way employers are thinking about this stuff.

Honestly, the work I’ve done on Coffee Jobs Board is what started this – but the time I’ve already put in has been hugely rewarding for me. There are themes that come through the interviews that I didn’t expect to see. It has changed how I view a lot about a career in coffee, what is means, what is possible and what is valuable. To me personally, this project is already a success.

The first episode with Colin Harmon is now live, and I’d recommend checking it out. There are some great interviews recorded and more lined up, with guests from around the world. If there’s someone you’d love to hear on the show then drop an email to show@coffeejobspodcast.com and we’ll do our best.

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