Coffee Jobs Update: New Features & Pay Transparency

Coffee Jobs Update: New Features & Pay Transparency

We’ve rolled out a few new features on Coffee Jobs Board this month. I want to talk about where we are going with it, because I hope it will be something valuable and useful.

There’s been a lot of talk about pay, transparency and gender in coffee. I’m interested in providing useful benchmarking for people who work in coffee, that gives them a salary expectation that is based solely on their experience.

We’ve just started encouraging applicants to sign up for an account. You’re asked to share your experience, as a function of both time and competency, for a number of key skills in coffee. You’re also asked what your current wage is, which will perhaps make some people uncomfortable but I believe could be incredibly useful. The goal is two-fold here. Employers have repeatedly asked to be able to search through potential candidates – and so we wanted them to be able to search by skill or experience, i.e. show anyone with 1 year of experience in a management position or someone who is able to pour latte art etc…

What I’m more excited about is being able to take the information and provide expectations to both employer and employee for what a position is worth. What are two years of experience making coffee at a high level, in a city like London worth? What should you be paid? What should an employer be offering to make a role attractive? Once we have enough users we can answer those questions for different geographies, and the benchmarking tool will go live. It will be available to anyone, but we hope people will sign up and contribute to the data to make it more accurate in more parts of the world. What I particularly like about this is that it is gender agnostic.

I should add that signing up doesn’t mean that you’re looking for a job, you can decide whether or not employers can contact you. You can create an account on the here.

New Features:


  • Detailed employee profile with Barista and Management skills and certificates received.
  • Salary information request in the employees’ form profile for benchmarking purposes.
  • Registered users can make one-click applications to job offers that have this feature enabled.
  • Search jobs by location and distance ranges (desktop only at the moment).
  • Receive email notifications of the type of job offers of your choice (Barista, All-rounder, FOH staff, Floor staff, Food prep, Kitchen staff, Roaster, Assistance Manager, Manager, Other).
  • Enable profile to include it in the CV library to receive job offers directly from hiring employers.


  • Job bundles now available for users that post jobs frequently.
  • Enable one-click applications for job offers that do not require covering letter.
  • Browse job applications faster by reviewing first the profiles that best matches the required skills.
  • Browse employee CV library based on skill set to find the perfect candidate for the job (this will obviously improve as more people sign up). This will be free until the end of March, then there will be a fee to browse.

Coming Soon:

One of the headaches for a cafe is suddenly being short staffed. The next feature we’re rolling out will be emergency shifts. As an employee, you can mark yourself as available for contact for emergency shifts. As an employer, you can search a database of people who are willing to be contacted for last minute work.

Any thoughts, ideas or comments are welcome – drop us a line: