Quick Hack: Getting Rid of Static

I made a quick video about getting rid of static when you’re grinding coffee. I hope you try it and like it, but I do want to talk quickly about attribution of ideas.

I think it is important to try and attribute ideas whenever you’re sharing someone else’s work, eve if you feel you’re adding or innovating on top of it. In this case, I attributed to the person I’d learned it from (jepy) without realising that this is a well-known technique dating back to 2005 and alt.coffee – the newsgroup that so many interesting ideas in coffee came from! I learned this when someone shared a Home Barista post I somehow missed, created back in 2012.

It’s a nice reminder that most new ideas are old ideas (I think this is going to prove painfully true in the next phase of speciality coffee worldwide – that’s for an upcoming post though) and that it doesn’t hurt to try a little harder when researching where things come from. Thanks to all who quickly corrected me, and shared the RDT (Ross Droplet Techniques) origins. (Though I have to say I prefer the spoon handle method of adding water over adding droplets directly to the beans…)

Enjoy the video!