Video Q&A Volume 1

I don’t post every video I make on this blog, but this one seemed relevant. It’s a bit of an experiment at this stage, but it felt like a fun way to do a Q&A. This round used questions taken from Twitter, and I have a few questions from Facebook (I haven’t forgotten, those who asked things!) to make up the next one. Perhaps I’ll do a Youtube one, or a Reddit one for r/coffee and obviously one from the contact form on here. (All of this presumes that people like the format/the video – so do please let me know your thoughts)

Topics covered:

  • Speciality Pods and Instant
  • Saturation in the coffee market
  • Cupping for Espresso
  • Will roasters buy coffee farms?
  • Automation in Roasting
  • Simplicity vs Selections in Cafes