I’m always happy to receive emails from people who find me here. Before you do, there’s a couple of FAQ-type answers:

  • This blog is ad free. I don’t sell advertising space on it, and I don’t plan to in the future.
  • I don’t write paid reviews. I don’t review coffee either, as I see it as a conflict of interest.
  • To answer some questions I get properly, it requires the time and effort that would classify it as a form of consultation. If I feel this is the case I’ll let you know when I reply.
  • Sometimes it takes me a little while to respond. I get a lot of email, and I try not to let email be the most important thing I do on any given day.
  • I don’t post infographics here, nor guest posts, nor projects happening on Kickstarter. Please don’t email about this.
  • I don’t post about kickstarter or crowdfunding products – please don’t email me and ask me to.
  • I can’t recommend you equipment/which grinder/espresso machine etc to buy. I sadly just don’t have time for the number of requests I get. Any reviews or recommendations I’ve made are on my YouTube channel.
  • I really like short emails.

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