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I live in London, and am trying to travel a little less.

People often ask me exactly what I do. I’m not always good at an answer.

I’m currently focused on the following things:

  • Square Mile Coffee Roasters – my goal is to help drive the company forward, and to create an environment where we can do interesting things.
  • Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino – I’m continuing to work with them to develop new equipment and new technologies that we believe are important and useful.
  • Coffee Jobs Board – hiring is increasingly important and challenging in the coffee industry, and I want to help make that easier.
  • I have a newsletter, that you should totally subscribe to. It’s mostly about coffee, but also not about coffee.
  • Writing – mostly here on the blog at the moment. I’m not yet working on a second edition of the Atlas. Longberry Magazine is also still alive (we promise).
  • Advising a couple of companies – I enjoy this, but I am not looking to add more.
  • Cooking and developing new skills in the kitchen.
  • Making cocktails, and learning just how much nonsense surrounds them.
  • Reading – please feel free to recommend me a book on twitter.

What I’m currently not doing:

  • Taking on any consultancy work – I just don’t have the capacity right now, but if you are looking then do get in touch and I will connect you to someone who can help.
  • Speaking at conferences – I’ve enjoyed this a lot in the past, but I’d like a little break.
  • Buying or roasting coffee – because I’ve never done that.

A short bio:

My name is James Hoffmann, and I’ve been writing about coffee here since 2004.

I’m interested in great coffee for more people, regardless of whether you work in the industry or just enjoy a cup in the mornings.

I was the World Barista Champion in 2007.