Video: My book tour in China

While I’ve been playing around learning to make videos over the last few months, I haven’t really posted them here. I thought sharing this one would be fun. I spent 5 days in China (I’m currently in Japan, heading to Auckland tomorrow) and it was a pretty intense experience. Getting to share the book like this (I hadn’t really done much touring to promote it) makes me want to do more stuff like this. I am scheming for the start of next year…

The video is really just supposed to be a bit of fun, and perhaps a vague answer for people who want to know exactly what it is I do for a living…

Is coffee getting cheaper?

The historical data for coffee pricing causes me some headaches. The C-Market price for coffee is currently about $1.55 per lb. Looking at historical data, you can see that in February 1982 the price of coffee was $1.28 per lb. So, in the simplest terms, you might see coffee as being more expensive now. The… Continue reading

Liability in Coffee

The coffee industry is unusual. Over the years, for a variety of reasons, the supplier/customer relationships between roasters and cafes (and also consultants and cafes) has grown deeper and deeper. The root of this depth was, for a long time, control. Creating a dependent relationship, where the cafe needed the supplier for everything from product,… Continue reading

Coffee is a dead end job

Coffee is a dead end job, but it doesn’t have to be. The boom in speciality coffee has created a crisis in employment in many parts of the world, but it has also created an opportunity that we must grasp if we want both growth and lasting success for the industry. Recording interviews for the… Continue reading

A new podcast project

Today is the start of a new podcast I’ve been working on. It’s called the Coffee Jobs Podcast and is a weekly show that will run for the next three months or so. Each episode is an interview with a leader in the coffee industry. The podcast is there to serve two different audiences: those working in… Continue reading

A challenging idea about fresh coffee

We’ve done a pretty good job of communicating the importance of freshness with coffee. No one reading this would disagree with the idea that, generally, the fresher the better. Listening to Cat & Cloud a, the discussion about freshness made me want to write about a more difficult and frustrating idea. The idea that we… Continue reading

Coffee & Opportunity Cost

Opportunity costs are, perhaps, the most ignored costs in a busy business. That may be a coffee shop, coffee roastery, or a restaurant. In fact, they apply to every business and I think deserve more discussion. Opportunity costs sneak under the radar because they don’t show themselves obviously in the profit and loss statement. An… Continue reading